Abandoned stone house turned into cosy tiny home

George Dunnett bought a charming but run-down stone house in his Welsh village and made it into a beautiful, cosy tiny house.

In 2020, I bought my first home… an abandoned building in my village which was filled with old car parts and tools. Over the next year, I had the building renovated into a nice little tiny house cottage which I now live in and am very pleased with! I hope you enjoyed the process.

He reports that the house cost him £55k and the renovations £100k, resulting in a house worth about £150k. Though he didn't do much DIY himself, it's remarkable how a decent rehab of a building like this ends in a financial loss, even if profit wasn't the aim. A lot of cash apparently went into legal red tape and the cost of utility hookups. For some reason seeing someone lose money doing a good job reminds of nightmare stories about the low quality of recent housing construction in the UK.