Body found in trash bin.. wasn't that.

"When I took out the rubbish this morning, I opened one of the bins and jumped back and… saw a body wrapped up in black garbage bags with masking tape around it, just laying at the bottom of the bin with nothing else in it," a resident of Big Wave Bay, Hong Kong told HKFP. "So I went around to the other side of the bin and I opened it up to see from a different angle and it was like a legit body, kind of sitting up. Like I could see the head, the shoulders, and the legs."

The trash collectors called police who quickly arrived to investigate. The officers removed the body from the bin and methodically removed the plastic bag.

"…When they opened it up – with locals and people standing around – you could see the shoes… they didn't open it from the head side," the resident said. "First, it was the shoes and then the silicon and then everyone just started laughing."

It was a sex doll.