Building a raised bed garden planter

I just put together a raised bed garden planter for our new house. I don't have woodworking tools (or much skill in that domain), so I bought an inexpensive flat-packed raised planter on Amazon. It ended up working out OK, but there were mistakes in the manufacturing which had to be fixed and online reviews claimed that it was best to reinforce the bed with metal plates and L-brackets (which I did). The instructions claimed it took 30-45 minutes to assemble. It took me days.

Seeing this video on SimonSaysDIY makes me wish I'd just bought the tools I needed and done it myself. It would have taken a lot more time but I would have had far more control over the design and the results. Here, he makes a lovely-looking bed using little more than 2x4s and corrugated roofing.

Image: Screengrab