I enjoyed reading the post-apocalyptic superhero series "Murder of Crows"

Chris Tullbane's series Murder of Crows is a fun, moderately-paced series that builds an incredible world and some interesting characters. See These Bones is the first in the series.

Damian Banach is a moderately powered teen about to become an adult, which would normally have been good news for him — but he is a 'Crow' meaning his superpower makes him a necromancer and most folks don't appreciate the walking dead. Of course, the post-apocalyptic world has need of a well-trained 'Crow' and Damian seems to be the one they've chosen. Shipped off to school for 'Capes,' things are likely going to be even worse than the orphanage Damian is leaving.

I had a great time reading all 3 books in the series, and the 3 accompanying short stories. I had a hard time pausing to watch TV or do responsible chores around the house.

See These Bones: A Post-Apocalyptic Superhero Novel via Amazon