The secrets of Hollywood Squares

From 1966 to 1981, Peter Marshall hosted the iconic TV game show Hollywood Squares that featured celebrities like Paul Lynde, Eva and Zsa Zsa Gabor, Raymond Burr, Barbara Eden, Vincent Price, and countless other greats. In a new interview, Marshall, 95, shares looks back. From Closer Weekly:

How did you get along with the show's celebrity regulars?

"Great. I had a lot of dear friends on the show. Wally Cox and I went to P.S. 165 together in New York. Paul Lynde and I go back to when he was struggling in New York. George Gobel was one of my best friends. I knew Vincent Price since I was 18. I also made a lot of great friends on Squares — Karen Valentine, Ruta Lee —we became very familial. We would all take a vacation every year together. We went to Jamaica and Canada. Those were fun times. I made some lasting friendships."

Were there any celebrities you didn't enjoy working with on Squares?

"A couple were difficult. Eva Gabor couldn't have been more delightful, but Zsa Zsa was a pain in the a—. She demanded a car. There are people I could tell you about, but I'd rather not, because 99 percent of them were wonderful."

Is it true that the stars drank alcohol between shows?

"We would do three shows, then we would break for dinner. I'm not a drinker but, yes, Paul would have some wine. Then we would just scream and yell [while taping the] Thursday and Friday shows. Those would always be funnier shows because people would drink."

(via David Katznelson's The Signal)