A 7.3-magnitude earthquake hits Fukushima area of Japan

A powerful 7.3 earthquake struck Namie, Japan off the coast of the Fukushima prefecture Wednesday morning, leaving 2 million homes in nine prefectures, including Tokyo, without power. A 1-meter high tsunami advisory warning has been issued.

From NBC:

The earthquake was reported just before 11 a.m. ET on Wednesday, which is around midnight Thursday in Japan. The Japan Meteorological Agency said the quake struck about 36 miles below the sea.

Around two million homes across nine prefectures, including Tokyo, are experiencing blackouts, TEPCO Power Grid reported.

The Japan Meteorological Agency advised residents to stay away from the coast, writing in a tweet: "Keep away from dangerous areas … with strong shaking.

The region is part of northern Japan, which was devastated by a deadly 9.0 quake and tsunami 11 years ago that caused nuclear plant meltdowns. Wednesday's quake came only days after the area marked the 11th anniversary of the disaster in March 2011.

So far there has been no reports of injuries, damage, or death.