New Jersey police dispatch animal control to rescue stray parrot which… wasn't that.

After hearing word of a stray exotic parrot in the woods of Princeton, New Jersey, police sought the help of Animal Control to capture the misplaced bird and find its owner. Animal Control officer Jim Ferry arrived at the destination where a concerned citizen, Tim Lynch, led him to the animal perched high in a tree.

"The two of us were walking back there not wanting to scare away it so it flies away, and as we get closer I'm thinking 'oh my gosh, this poor thing is dead,'" Lynch told 6ABC. "We're about two feet away, he's about to throw the net over it, and he goes 'it's fake.'"

From a Facebook post by the Princeton NJ Police Department:

"If anyone is missing this beautiful decorative ceramic parrot, please contact our department where he is being lovingly cared for."