Tennesee abortion ban would allow rapists' families to sue victims who get abortions

A "Texas-style" bill proceeding in Tennessee would not only prohibit abortion but allow anyone to sue anyone who helps someone seek an abortion. Challenged on whether this would include the friends of rapists suing their underage victims, Tennessee Rep. Rebecca Alexander (R) made clear-after trying twice to avoid answering the question—that the answer is yes.

Child rapists getting to sue their victims by proxy for having abortions is not popular, and yet here we are.

But punditry is more interested in "cancel culture" and other trivia of the floating world. And Dems are so desperate to avoid being tarred as liberals or leftists that they have no communicable principles of their own. Meanwhile, the tone and focus of news reportage constantly accepts conservative frames of reference while marginalizing even the most popular responses. Then we're all left to wonder why the far right is getting everything it wants.