Florida man allegedly stole $30,000 in live turtles while fixing a breeder's refrigerator

In Estero, Florida, Jermaine Wofford, 47, arrived at breeder The Turtle Source to repair a refrigerator. When he departed though, he allegedly absconded with 18 rare turtles worth an estimated $30,000. Wofford worked on the refrigerator but after he left to buy parts, Cantos realized something was amiss. From WINK:

When Cantos came back, he noticed that the office turtle named "Huncy" was among the missing. That's when they decided to check the surveillance video.

"The camera is right up here, not hard to see, and the guy looked right in the camera, and that's how the sheriff's department was able to use the facial recognition, and he was just helping himself to all of these," said Cantos.

Wofford is in jail with a $50,000 bond. Unfortunately, only five of the stolen turtles have been located.

image: Kurit afshen/Shutterstock.com