Hey, David Lynch! If you ever need a Karen character, watch this

We've seen angry Karens, bored Karens, racist Karens, bully Karens, QAnon Karens, and even bagel Karens, but never have we come across a David Lynch Karen — until now, that is.

In very strange footage, an uncanny Karen has followed two women into an elevator for not following "the rules and regulations." She doesn't approve of them taking their bikes up to their apartment instead of locking them downstairs in a bike room. But rather than display the typical loud, name-calling, finger-pointing, rude Karen behavior, this one is unsettling as she calmly stands near the elevator buttons, still and erect like a guard dog, or a log lady, determined to see where they live.

The bike riders mention a few times that the woman's behavior is weird, and creepy, but never does Karen become unhinged. And somehow, it makes her eerier than any of the Karens before her.

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