Mike Tyson's weed company is producing edibles shaped like ears

My parents were wrong: there is a future in marijuana. As the puritanical laws surrounding weed loosen around the country, edibles are becoming easier to access. When I downed my first pot brownie, it was shoddily crafted and tasted like Gary Busey's bathwater. It did the proverbial trick, but the process should've been infinitely more pleasurable. Nowadays, I find myself scornfully swaying in my rocking chair and chastizing the edible munching youth from my porch. "Back in my day, you had to befriend an ex-con named Shaka to get yourself an eighth. We had to travel seven states just to look at a dispensary."

By choosing to hop on the legal weed bandwagon, Mike Tyson has become quite the cannabis capitalist. The amount of scratch that Tyson earns from wacky tobacky is staggering, and it doesn't seem like he's about to slow down anytime soon. Tyson just unveiled a new brand of edibles that are- get this- shaped like ears. Because who wouldn't want to think about Mike Tyson devouring a chunk of Evander Holyfield's ear while they're grappling with THC-induced paranoia?