Take a look at this retro ad for Star Trek Christmas ornaments

When it comes to crafting merchandise, corporations tend to act like Mufasa explaining his kingdom's perimeters to Simba. "Everything the light touches," they tell their merchandising department, "is our kingdom." There isn't a product around that can't be associated with a brand or franchise these days. From sympathy wreaths to rectal thermometers, if you search ardently enough, there's bound to be some brand-specific variant of any item you're looking for. Now, obviously, Christmas ornaments aren't in the same league as the other examples, but I find the ones in the video linked above interesting. 

In the goofy commercial embedded above, Hallmark does their best to court Christmas celebrating Star Trek fans with a reasonably entertaining ad. The Romulans in the commercial are the perfect mix of campy and menacing. Also, it's pretty awesome to see how culturally ubiquitous Star Trek was in the 90s after the success of Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.