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They say that you don't know what you don't know, but a review of the lists of the courses that comprise these two phenomenal learning platforms may just send your head into a tailspin. Naturally, we wouldn't expect you to become a master of all 1800+ courses offered between them, but it will certainly give you fodder for your brain, and perhaps the impetus you need to rev up the old grey matter!

It has been suggested that intelligence is simply a mechanism to solve problems through gathering knowledge, being creative, forming strategies, and engaging in creative thinking. Howard Gardner, a developmental psychologist, has theorized that humans have multiple intelligences, categorized under a variety of criteria, including visual-spatial, verbal-linguistic, and logical-mathematical. And while acquiring intelligence can certainly be accomplished in many, many ways, exposing yourself to new areas of learning, or delving deeper into topics you have already developed an interest in can be a gateway to a whole new level.

So grab your laptop, and consider downloading this bundle of virtually unlimited potential. StackSkills has access to a pre-selected library of over 1,000 courses in practically every field you could dream of—marketing, finance, IT, programming, blockchain, design, art, animation, writing … the list goes on. Stone River offers over 4,800 hours of instruction on web and mobile programming, web design, game app creation, 3D animation, and more. While the list may seem overwhelming, we are sure you are going to find more than a few that are going to captivate you.

Whether it's for personal interest or a better opportunity in the job market (perhaps a new side-hustle is on the horizon?), by investing in this bundle, you can't go wrong. You will receive unlimited access to everything that's offered, so you'll have plenty of time to explore all the possibilities. Learn what you want, when you want.

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