Check out Alan Moore's new six-hour storytelling master class from the BBC

One thing I appreciate about Alan Moore is that he always finds new ways to surprise. He certainly never struck me as the kind of guy who'd team up with the BBC to teach a writing course, for example — but here were are!

This creative writing course comes from the incessantly imaginative bestseller, Alan Moore. His writing straddles genre with comics like From Hell, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Swamp Thing, and modern literary classics, including Jerusalem, a 1,266-page experimental epic novel set over centuries and realms in his hometown of Northampton. 

He made it on to Time's 100 Best Novels list and has won numerous awards leading to cult-like, legendary status and critical acclaim. Each morsel of wisdom out of Alan's mouth will have you thinking in a new way.

Moore's $90 BBC Maestro master class is comprised of 33 lessons about storytelling over the course of about six hours, including "Writing as Enchantment," "Language as Technology," and a section on the Four Weapons of coins, sword, cup and wand. It sounds very Alan Moore, in a surprisingly appealing way.

Here's more from the Wizard of Northampton himself:

I would like to welcome you, as an aspiring writer, to this enormously important and timeless human tradition where you will be in a chain of people stretching back through the ages — of shamans, magicians, above all, writers — who have done so much to actually shape the development of the human story and of human history. You can become part of that marvelous tradition and play your own part, however small, however large, in this marvelous enterprise of expanding the things that humans can do, can say, can accomplish and more importantly, the number of ways in which they can talk about that stuff.

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