The Tao of Coach John McGuirk

As a boy, I consciously sought wisdom from various father figures. That's not because my dad wasn't around or anything; I just wanted to make sure I always got a second opinion. Whenever my dad would dole out a morsel of knowledge that didn't meld with my worldview, I would search for a man- real or fictitious- that espoused a position that countered my Pop's. "If at first, you don't succeed," my father would say, "try and try again." Then I would turn to the sage advice of Coach John McGurik from the Adult Swim show Home Movies. Coach McGuirk would retort with, "if something is too hard, it's not worth it." Finally, some applicable advice. 

With the video embedded above, I aim to share some of the most sacred teachings from the zen mind of Coach McGuirk. Whereas Jesus said, "be in the world, but not of the world," Coach McGuirk tells us that "running away from home builds character." You tell me which one is more relatable.