Israeli forces destroyed over 700 Palestinian homes in 2021

The Israeli occupation of Palestine was big news in 2021. From a series of viral videos, public demonstrations, and an unprecedented amount of support from celebrities, the plight of the Palestinian people was at the forefront of the global consciousness. The most notable clip from the aforementioned slew of viral videos shared last year centered around an Israeli-American settler shamelessly annexing the home of a Palestinian family. The disgust that the video generated was aimed at Jacob Fauci, the man responsible for commandeering the house, and the cavalier demeanor he exhibited throughout the clip. Fauci treated the entire incident as if it were supposed to be happening. Given the absurd number of houses that Israeli forces destroyed in 2021, it's easy to see what prompted Fauci's flippant and uncompromising attitude.  

In the video above, the Islam channel tallies up the number of Palestinian homes in the town of Hebron Israeli authorities demolished in 2021.