Orchestra of obsolete cellphones celebrate the approach of death

In this ad from Japanese mobile operator DoCoMo, 400 feature phones perform a tune to celebrate their "graduation"—which is to say the forthcoming discontinuation of their tower network and their own subsequent inoperability. Though set entirely in the Japanese context, the video features scenes of life before the smartphone threshold we know the world over. The date given in the ad is 2026; if I'm not mistaken, America's own last 2G networks are set to be retired sooner, at the end of this year.

🌸 "i-mode graduation performance" with more than 400 feature phones 🌸
I-mode and FOMA, which are scheduled to end service in March 2026. The feature phones will play "that graduation song" with a ringtone with gratitude 🎶 The music is the popular track maker STUTS.