Check out this hilarious Batman meme

Batman's obsession with justice has been the butt of many a joke throughout the character's prolific history. Before Frank Miller turned him into a snarling and violent crime smasher, Adam West's interpretation of the character was unreasonably, and comedically, fixated on law and order. After Miller's visionary reinvention, the jokes became as dark as the character's modern presentation. I mean, Miller's Batman gleefully shatters a criminal's spine in front of police officers in The Dark Knight Returns. 

In the 20th century, Batman's adherence to justice barely raised any eyebrows. However, with the increased attention on billionaires, white privilege, and police brutality, Batman's war on crime has forced several fans to reevaluate the character in modernity. Matt Reeves' The Batman even had to address Bruce's white privilege and how poorly he uses his wealth to combat crime on a systemic level. It's no surprise that people are starting to think that Batman gets off on abusing criminals- no matter how slight their "offense" might be. 

Gavin Blake's Instagram page takes Batman's obsequious dedication to rules to a hysterical end in the meme embedded above.