How Paul Thomas Anderson writes

The Oscars look like a pretty tight race this year. Usually, I'm able to pick the most likely choices for best picture while wearing a blindfold, but this spate of nominees makes it a little tricky. In my opinion, Dune was a plodding, methodical, and visually stunning piece of filmmaking that could easily walk away with the Academy's top honor, but the movie I want to win is Licorice Pizza

Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood was the second R-rated film that I was old enough to watch unaccompanied, and, since the first scene, I knew I was going to be an Anderson fan for life. Anderson's ability to make an audience instantly invest in a character is uncanny and shows his strength as a writer. 

In the video linked above, the YouTube channel Behind the Curtain stitches together various PTA interviews to give the viewer a window into how the esteemed director approaches the blank page.