The art of Todd Nauck

As the comic convention scene hopefully returns to some semblance of normality this year, I'm excited to engage in my favorite convention activity: hanging around artist alley. Watching skilled artists crank out gorgeous sketches on command hasn't lost its appeal to me since I was a prepubescent mini nerd. 

Of all the artists I've met across my years of convention hopping, Todd Nauck had to be one of the nicest. Growing up on Nauck's Young Justice run in the late 90s and early 00s, I found it hard to repress my desire to gush upon meeting him. Ever the gentleman, Nauck steered the conversation until I regained my cognitive ability.

Nauck's figures are graceful and feel like they're bound to leap off the page. In the video embedded above from his YouTube channel, Nauck applies some colors to a Harley Quinn commission while answering a few questions from loyal viewers.