Watch: Eric Trump goofs again, this time furious that Biden rode a bike while forgetting his daddy's golf habits

If you want to get a Republican's goat, just ride a bicycle. They were outraged when President Obama rode a bike — while wearing a helmet (gasp!), to boot. And now Eric Trump is furious because President Biden was caught "riding a beach cruiser." (See video below.)

"The guy is literally riding a beach cruiser around the place!" he complained to Sean Hannity on Fox. "When you see a guy riding a beach cruiser in the middle of the day — this is the commander-in-chief of the United States of America! What message does that send the world…?"

He then fantasizes about his own daddy's bravery, strength, and hard work. "My father would be giving speeches in front of F-35s, talking about how he's building the greatest military the world has ever seen … he'd be talking about rebuilding the nuclear arsenals. Believe me, that was sending a true message of strength."

Yes, by "my father" (Eric's favorite phrase) he means Donald Trump, who cowardly hid in a bunker during Black Lives Matter protests, played golf 308 times "in the middle of the day" during his presidency, and even ditched the G20 summit's "Pandemic Preparedness" event in 2020 to play golf. Sorry little guy, you goofed again.

Via HuffPost