Finally, an interactive and rollable chessboard to play everywhere you go

The game and rules of chess have evolved throughout history, so why can't the chessboard itself evolve with it? Introducing the first of its kind, the Square Off Pro rollable e-chessboard is a portable AI board built for the 21st century.

Whether you're a beginner or advanced chess player, you now have the chance to train like a pro while on the go with the Square Off Pro. This chessboard features built-in AI that adapts to your skill level and uses lights on the board to guide you through your next moves and advise you against errors.

You no longer have to press a chess piece to register its move because the board's magnetic sensors detect the meticulously designed chess pieces easily. Along with all these high-tech features, the Square Off Pro board stands out because it's lightweight and can be rolled for portability and convenience. Basically, you can set up a match wherever you go! 

With the Square Off Pro, you're capable of playing solo against a computer, with an opponent face-to-face, or with 50 million players worldwide by virtually connecting on sites like and Lichess via the Square Off app. The app will also record your games to look back, analyze your moves, and sharpen your game by practicing via training bundles or online courses led by grandmaster coaches. You can even test your skills by participating in digital tournaments.

Featured on CNET and TechCrunch, the Square Off Pro can be used by all ages ranging from kids to the elderly, and is beneficial for dexterity and even elders who have Alzheimer's. Woman Grandmaster and Chess Streamer Anna Rudolf called the Square Off Pro A smart AI board that can coach you and play against you," making it equipped with all the necessary tools to make you a better chess player.

Become part of the future of chess with the Square Off Pro, a game-changer for the chess community that's now on sale for only $225

Prices subject to change.