Get 4 useful Ashampoo programs on Windows for just $50

If you're a Windows user who's on their computer all day, why not improve your user experience with a handful of helpful apps? Now on sale for just $49.99, you can get four highly-rated Ashampoo programs to assist with privacy, customization, and performance.

With computers being such a vital part of our lives, storing our personal and most relevant information, it's important to feel protected while using them. With hackers listening to peoples' microphones and using their webcams to spy on them, it's time to reclaim control.

You can put your paranoia to rest with the Ashampoo Webcam Guard, which lets you disable your webcam and microphone access at your discretion. With a single click, you can disable and re-enable both your webcam and microphone and have clear visual signals when something is on or off. 

Once you feel protected, it's time to clean out your programs and files with Ashampoo Uninstaller 11. UnInstaller 11 tracks and removes leftover files or software down to the last byte when downloading new programs, clearing everything out. This tool can reverse previous unmonitored installations and track down hidden browser extensions using in-depth cleaning technology. 

You can then add color and customization to your Windows taskbar with the Ashampoo Taskbar Customizer. This program allows you to choose the color and opacity of your taskbar, giving you visual control of your desktop.

Lastly, finish strong and maximize your operating system's performance with Ashampoo WinOptimizer 19. The built-in cleaner modules can remove leftover files and utilize your PC's performance to its highest potential. As said on TechRadar, "It's optimal for people who use their PCs to perform heavy tasks such as gaming, programming, computer-aided design, etc."

These Ashampoo programs cost $134 individually, but you can protect, clean, and optimize your Windows PC performance by purchasing them all for $49.99.

Prices subject to change.