Meet the Chinese "vampire" deer

When we were born as humans, we definitely got the short end of the stick. Having opposable thumbs and unparalleled grey matter between our ears is pretty sweet, but where are our claws? Do you know how much easier dating would be if we could actually smell pheromones?

No, wait, I take that back. That would probably be a nightmare for everyone. You know, on second thought, maybe we're perfect the way we are. With that said, I would still like a pair of fangs or something. Despite possessing unlimited destructive potential, humans aren't physically intimidating in the slightest. We just walk around all fleshy and neurotic. Even certain species of deer are more imposing than we are. 

The brilliant page known as Nature is Metal shows us a few shots of the Chinese water deer in the Instagram post embedded above. Known as the "vampire deer," this Chinese beauty reminds us of what Family Guy tried to tell us years ago.