Video shows man attempt to firebomb the Kremlin

A video making the rounds shows a man throwing an incendiary device at what appears to be the Kremlin. I agree with the sentiment, but not the risk of loss of life.

The Mirror:

A man carried out a firebomb attack against the Kremlin by flinging Molotov cocktails against its walls.

A video of the attack, which has been circulating on Russian media channels, was initially posted by a TikTok user called @den_di1232.

The clip is taken by a man inside a moving vehicle and appears to show the moment an unknown assailant tries to lob the improvised explosive device over the walls of Russian President Vladimir Putin's official residence.

As the attacker attempts to throw the bottle over the wall of the well-guarded fortress, it smashes against the bricks – causing a small fire and leaving a massive scorch mark.