Texas' Attorney General has decided that Pride Week is 'illegal' and threatened a school to stop it

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sent a very angry letter to a public school demanding they stop hosting Pride Week. The school district's superintendent's simple and direct response was perfect, they are proud of their LBGTQIA+ students and will protect them from political attacks.


As Pride Week gets underway in one Texas school district, the state's attorney general has declared the whole event illegal.

In a stern letter to the Austin Independent School District – which he also posted on Twitter – Attorney General Ken Paxton said the week-long celebration of LGBTQ students violates state laws against teaching "human sexuality" without parents' permission.

"By hosting 'Pride Week,' your district has, at best, undertaken a week-long instructional effort in human sexuality without parental consent," the Republican AG wrote on Tuesday. "Or, worse, your district is cynically pushing a week-long indoctrination of your students that not only fails to obtain parental consent, but subtly cuts parents out of the loop. Either way, you are breaking state law."