Panos Cosmatos to direct "phantasmagorical fantasy" Nekrokosm

Panos Cosmatos directed Beyond the Black Rainbow, a haunted retrowave trip whose weird influence is everywhere now, and then the deranged and brilliant Mandy starring Nic Cage. Now he's working on a third movie, writes Adi Robertson, a "nightmare sci-fi romance."

There's not a lot of detail yet about Nekrokosm beyond a press release first revealed by The Hollywood Reporter. So it's not clear whether it will follow Mandy's path as a surreal but (relatively) conventionally paced action movie, or if we could see something more like the slow-burn trip of 2010's Beyond the Black Rainbow — a film that didn't reach the same broad audience but established the director's distinctive retro-psychedelic style, as well as a penchant for exploring the dark side of countercultural idealism. But the press release refers to it as a "sci-fi epic", which at least promises something appealingly ambitious for anyone who's been waiting on a new Cosmatos project.