Puppy stolen by creepy clown has been found safe

On Saturday, a creepy clown used a grinder to cut into a cage at a Queensland, Australia RSPCA campus and steal a cute puppy named Cashew who was recovering from surgery. The crime was caught on security video, as seen below. Fortunately, police somehow tracked Cashew down to a North Brisbane home where they safely retrieved her. From 9News:

"We are absolutely thrilled that Cashew has been brought back into care and cannot thank the Police and members of the public enough for their concern and help in getting Cashew back to the RSPCA," [said RSPCA Queensland spokesperson Emma Lagoon].

"After her traumatic ordeal we're happy to say she'll be able to finally go home with her new adopter very soon.

"Police continue to investigate the incident after Cashew was rescued, and will work to locate the man in the clown mask.