Weird red light beam seen in Houston sky

Earlier this week, a strange vertical red beam of light appeared in the sky above Houston, Texas. After countless reports, KHOU 11 meteorologist Tim Pandajis thinks he has a possible explanation.

"We did get confirmation that there was ongoing flaring at one of the oil refineries," he said. "That bright light from the flare was being reflected like a mirror by ice crystals in the middle to upper levels of the atmosphere."

From KHOU:

"I can tell you it's not a comet, it's not a shooting star, it's not an aurora," Vice President of Astronomy at the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences Carolyn Sumners said.

Sumners agrees that all signs point to flaring.

"The refinery doesn't move, that's why it (the light) doesn't move over time. That's a good solution. Something that's actively burning is going to burn out. When a refinery is flaring, they continue to flare," she said.