Golf skills take a hit during COVID? Clean them up at home with this Smart Golf Simulator

If the sport of golf is anything, it's both the game of champions and what your grandpa falls asleep to on his recliner during his midday nap. Whatever precious spot golf holds in your life, it also plays its part as a huge stress reliever. Clean up your skills and take your swing to a new level with this PhiGolf: Mobile And Home Smart Golf Simulator With Swing Stick.

Ready to put your money where your putting is? Let's chit-chat a bit about the PhiGolf: Mobile And Home Smart Golf Simulator with Swing Stick. Compatible with up-to-date iPhones and Androids, PhiGolf uses a super awesome state-of-the-art sensor and swing stick that make for an in-depth immersive gameplay. That means when Bill in finance asks you to play a round, you can just guide him to the break room, the company lounge, or anywhere else with a TV (you could bring him to your house, but seeing people from work in our personal lives always gives us the heebie jeebies).

Let's talk about how you can get your back nine strong without freezing your butt off on the green in those yucky months (or light a fire in your pants in the sweltering ones). Just download the popular WGT Golf app to your smartphone or tablet and play on photorealistic simulations of world-famous golf courses without getting on a plane (trust us, for a variety of reasons, it's still unsafe). 

But, if you're truly longing for the days where you could eat breakfast at home and play a round of 18 across the country, you can still find your course of choice from the library PhiGolf offers. The courses that are simulated range from intermediate to difficult (but not insufferable) and are well-known around the world, including Chambers Bay, Pinehurst No. 2, Valhalla, The Olympic Club, Congressional, Bandon Dunes, and a ton more. Even if you've never met Tiger, Rory, Phil or the famous Arnold Palmer himself, you can (at the very least) say you've played their choice courses (no one needs to know it was from your boxers).

Get the PhiGolf: Mobile And Home Smart Golf Simulator With Swing Stick for $179 (Reg. $249) with code GOLF10.

Prices subject to change.