Mom wanted Red Hot Chili Peppers tickets for her daughter — they ended up watching bagpipes

A mom in Long Island, New York was thrilled to buy her daughter what she thought was a pair of tickets to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was especially exciting since the world-famous band was playing at the relatively small Patchogue Theater, which holds around 1,200 people. But when the mother-daughter duo rolled up to the venue, they realized the mom had made a wee mistake: the marquee said, "The Red Hot Chili Pipers." As in the Celtic band from Scotland who claims to be "the most famous bagpipe band on the planet."

This wasn't the first time for such a mix up. In this Red Hot Chili Pipers video (below) from 2014, a commenter said they had accidentally come to the show thinking they were going to watch the Peppers. Intentional or not, the name similarity turned out to be a pretty clever marketing ploy for the bagpipers!