Ronald Wimberly's "woke Naruto, Marxist, ninja comic about restorative justice, set in NYC," GratNin, is getting a unique print edition

Last week, we got news that acclaimed comics artist Ronald Wimberly's webcomic, GratNin, was heading to Kickstarter for a fancy boxed accordion-style print version of the "endless scrolling" comic.

From the press release:

Cartoonist and storyteller extraordinaire Ronald Wimberly and Philadelphia-based boutique publisher Beehive Books are launching a Kickstarter campaign for the first-ever print edition of Wimberly's critically-acclaimed, endless scroll webcomic GratNin. This ambitious, action-packed graphic novel will be released by Beehive Books as a deluxe graphic novel box set, featuring 600 accordion-folded pages that re-imagines how to read the comic. 

"GratNin is a sendup of all the great ninja comics I've read and a project that's very close to me," said Wimberly. "GratNin has been a playground for me to work in for about 20 years now and this incarnation with Beehive Books, with its unique presentation, really embodies the ideas of the comic." 

"GratNin has a unique dynamism that thwarts traditional publishing," said Beehive Books Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Josh O'Neill. "So we've done what our team at Beehive does best: reimagine what a book can be. To give an analog spin to this unruly digital comic, we've traded out the tiny phone screens and web browsers for a 600-page accordion-folded concertina wrapping up the urban sprawl of NYC into a manifold paper world.  In our approach, GratNin isn't a linear story — it's an elaborate, thrilling world to journey through, and try not to get lost in."

You can follow the Kickstarter here.

Images: Used by permission of the publisher