This time it's President Biden who is forced to school Peter Doocy

Without Jen Psaki around to keep her schoolboy reporter Peter Doocy in line, it was President Biden who was stuck with the job of schooling the Fox reporter. (See video below.)

"When you said that chemical weapon use by Russia would trigger a response in kind…" Doocy began to ask, to which Biden quickly confirmed, "It will trigger a significant response." End of lesson — or so Biden thought.

Doocy was still confused. "What does that mean?"

"I'm not going to tell you," Biden scolded. "Why would I tell you? You've got to be silly."

At this point, Doocy looked downright sheepish. But he pressed on, like a boy who is hopelessly trying to convince his 3rd grade teacher to give him the answers to a test. "The world wants to know?"

"The world wants to know a lot of things," Biden said. "I'm not telling them what the response would be. Then Russia knows the response." To which Doocy had no response — apart from his motionless, hangdog expression.

And here's a reminder of Biden's hilarious thinking-out-loud comment on the Dooce: