Andrew Giuliani inspected his 4-month old daughter's genitals and declared her a "woman" and himself her "boyfriend"

Andrew Giuliani, son of Trump crony Rudy, waded into the trans rights debate by declaring his 4-month-old daughter a "woman"—as proven by his personal inspection of her genitals—and himself the only "boyfriend" she'll have for 25 years.

Giuliani's comments, delivered at a Long Island rally by a far-right group, came amid remarks condemning options for transgender people. He spoke about his four-month-old daughter, saying he is "gonna be the last guy in a long time that looks under the hood right there." She "made a promise to me on the first day, right? My wife was sleeping, and I'm holding her [my daughter] in my arms. And I get emotional thinking about it, but she made a promise with me. She shook my hand and I said, 'I'm the only boyfriend till you're 25 years old, shake hands."

They call trans and gay people "groomers" even as they objectify their own children in the most bluntly sexual and possessive terms.