Clean your life up one tab at a time with Start.Me Pro Web Productivity, now over 50% off

A lot has happened in just the past few months. Besides any personal gains, you're probably headed back to the office, which means the lousy chaos in your life is back, and the chaotic good that was working at your own pace in your jammies is long gone. If you need a little extra TLC as you trudge your way back to a world of suits, slacks, and the occasional stupidity, Start.Me Pro Web Productivity could be your saving grace.

If you're ready to declutter and organize your life tab by tab, can be your go-to. Manage your bookmarks, notes, tasks, and news sources in an easily accessible homepage from any device or browser of your choosing or even multiple browsers. Start. me allows you to save your favorite bookmarks and filter out duplicate or unused links. You can also import and export bookmarks from your browser, an HTML file, or any external webpage. Start.Me offers handy organizational tools like drag and drop to arrange bookmarks on your page.

Beyond that, this subscription also includes helpful dashboard features like chart creation for critical data, real-time data integration from all of your most used search tools like Google Analytics, AdSense, and Data Studio. You can customize your view further with financial widgets, weather updates, and more. Need a little more personal organization? No sweat. The dashboard also includes a calendar, notes section, tasks list, and everything you need to be ultra productive in your day to day life.

The best part? This deal comes with a lifetime subscription, so even if you don't believe you have enough to do to warrant extra organization (like when you start your well-earned retirement), will be there when you want to come back.

Get the Start.Me Pro Web Productivity: Lifetime Subscription for $49 (Reg. $100).

Prices subject to change.