One of Trump's supporters claims to be Putin's son, asks his father to nuke America

You've got to hand it to Trump — all the very stable geniuses in America support him. Take this patriotic MAGA fellow, for instance. With a neato Trump skull cap on his head, he delivers an important message for his father, Vladimir Putin:

March 26 2022. What a glorious time it is to be alive. Tomorrow will be the 27th, which in biblical numerology represents holy and true. Vladimir Putin, I believe you are my father, and you have seeded me in Zion 54 years ago. Elohim God Almighty advises you to nuke the Empire of Lies. The time is now. Hit us hard tomorrow, and I will rise from the ashes. I love you. And I look forward to meeting you and Trump after the dust settles, time has come. Nuke us!