Own the cheap, unencrypted walkie talkie that Russian generals love to death

A sixth (or is it seventh?) Russian general reportedly fell on the field of battle in Ukraine this weekend—a startling death toll in such a short campaign. They must be particularly brave and committed to their cause, these fellows, so I was curious about what it takes to be a leader in the Russian Ground Forces. According to observers on the ground, vintage and retro chic remain en vogue on the highways between Belarus and major Ukrainian cities, but there's one item they're all dying for: the Baofeng UV-5R Dual-Band FM Receiver. And unlike them, you can buy one right now on Amazon! I can't tell you the price, but it's damn cheap.

Granted, the linked model is just a little fancier than the model that the Russians are using (that model seems to be sold out), but scuff it up a little and you'll find it goes perfectly with those shoulder-mounted accessories from London Fashion Week that are just pouring in around Kiev.

Baofeng Dual-Band FM Receiver [Amazon]