Unboxing Mr. Spock's ears

Recently, the family of Leonard Nimoy donated a pair of the Vulcan's prosthetic ear tips to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Above, watch the unboxing video. (Interestingly, there is another Spock ear already in the collection that was handmade by a Trekker and archived by the museum as a representation of Star Trek fandom.) From Smithsonian:

"When he finished filming the original Star Trek series in 1969, my father brought home a small memento to commemorate his three years of dedicated work on the original series—a pair of Spock's Vulcan ears," Adam Nimoy shared with us regarding the donation. 

"Mounted in a black box, those ears have been in our family for over fifty years as a tribute to Dad's outstanding performances as Mr. Spock and the inspiration and hope that Star Trek have given to generations of fans all over this planet. Today it's my honor to donate the iconic Spock ears to the National Air and Space Museum, home to the starship Enterprise studio model, where they can be experienced by visitors firsthand. The donation honors Beit T'Shuvah and the Leonard Nimoy COPD Research Fund at UCLA, two organizations supported by our family and dedicated to the Vulcan salutation of long life and prosperity."