Watch: Ivanka Trump kicks off her rehabilitation tour by boasting of feeding starving Ukrainians

Ivanka Trump posted an ASMR-style video to let everyone know she is feeding Ukrainians who are starving because of the Russian invasion. She somehow forgot to mention that she actively supported her Putin-loving father while he was president.

From Queerty:

In the video, Ivanka didn't mention anything about how, as president, her father often parroted Kremlin talking points, excused and sometimes even embraced Russian aggression, and fawned over Vladimir Putin.

She also didn't mention how her dad was impeached (the first time) for threatening to withhold military aid to Ukraine if it didn't supply him dirt on Joe Biden prior to the 2020 presidential election.

While it's nice of Ivanka to want to help, most people would agree that boasting about her own altruism on Instagram during a humanitarian crisis caused by one of her father's favorite murderous dictators is in pretty poor taste.

I feel sorry for whichever PR firm is running Ivanka's reputation repair campaign. They really can't do much. Ivanka and Jared are dead to their former circle of wealthy neoliberals. There's nothing she could do to get her Fashion Week runway chair back short of handing her father's burner phone recordings to Bob Woodward.