Why are so many deer jumping off this highway overpass to their deaths?

In Johnsonburg, Pennsylvania, more than two dozen deer have jumped off a highway overpass to their deaths in the last few months.

"They get frightened out onto the bypass," resident Bill Boylan said. "They panic, one jumps off, and they all leap off."

Many concerned citizens have asked the Pennsylvania Game Commission and PennDOT to investigate and find a way to prevent these sad deer deaths.

From Philly Voice:

Pennsylvania Game Commission and PennDOT

They have voiced concerns that the trend could affect the local deer population because most of the dead animals are does, and that the carcasses will create a stench as warmer weather arrives. 

Boylan said the Game Commission has been helpful, but that PennDOT has not taken action on installing a barrier that residents believe could prevent these incidents from occurring.

"PennDOT needs to determine where the deer are coming from before we can formulate a possible solution or improvement," PennDOT district executive Tom Zurat said Wednesday. "How they are ending up on the bridge is really the problem we've got to solve first before we can determine if there's anything we can do.