Cillian Murphy's favorite lines from Peaky Blinders

I got to the Peaky Blinders party a little late. Steven Knight's compelling crime drama about Birmingham in the early 20th century has garnered rave reviews and a cult following over the last nine years. As a result of the incessant fervor around the show, I sat on the sidelines until earlier this year. I figured it impossible for any show to live up to mammoth-sized hype that came pre-packed with every Peaky Blinders recommendation. Now that I've become an honorary member of the Shelby clan, I find myself simultaneously awaiting and despising April 3rd- as it marks the end of the series. 

Even though I haven't truly earned the chance to reminisce over the preceding six seasons properly, it's possible that you, my fellow Boing Boing family, have. In the video linked above, the series lead and powerhouse talent, Cillian Murphy, walks us through his favorite lines in Peaky Blinders' history.