Karen on plane who refused to wear mask properly has a fit when cops come to kick her off the flight

TikToker papimufasaa recorded a plane passenger who apparently didn't have her nose covered and copped an attitude when the flight crew told her to cover her nose. The captain heard about it and ordered her to get off the plane. She refused, and begged with the attendant not to kick her off.

"Please, I'm complying," cried the woman. "I will not say another word the whole flight." The attendant told her she had to leave, but the woman wouldn't budge. The police were called, and she took her argument up with them.

The cops told the woman if she and her family refused to get off the plane they would have to deboard the entire plane and charge her with trespassing. She shrieked "What!?"

When other passengers told the woman to get off the plane, the woman stood up and whined, "They ruined my whole family's vacation!"

She and the rest of her family reluctantly collected the luggage and got off the plane. The woman loudly complained the whole time, saying things like, "Why are you doing this to me?"


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