Photo of creepy Mississippi river troll!

In 2015, a resident of a houseboat in coastal Mississippi encountered a river troll and managed to snap this photo of the creepy character. From the photographer's account posted on Phantoms and Monsters:

It was pinkish tan with bulging eyes, funny looking ears, 2 arms and 2 legs, and what appeared to be horns coming out of it head. It had a short round body drinking from the shore. From what I saw, I would swear it was like a troll. It was devil ugly. I took my phone out and took a picture. To this day, anyone I show it to swears its a river troll[…]

You couldn't walk up or down [around our houseboat] with out that eerie feeling of being watched. And it wasn't just me. Anyone who came out our way felt it. You would also hear what sounded like monkeys.

One time, something threw a rock and hit my friend. 

(via The Anomalist)