When Russians are anonymous, they almost all seem to agree on one thing: their future is bleak

Usually, when Russian YouTuber 1420 interviews random, identifiable people on the street with questions like, "Would you nuke the US?" or "What do young Russians think of Putin?" they get a fairly wide range of answers, with those who are confident in their dictator, those who aren't, and many who are neutral. But anonymize the interviewees by blurring their faces and altering their voices, and suddenly you get a mostly united front — and it's not an optimistic front. At least not with 1420's latest video on questions about the future — sadly, with IDs protected, there was not much of a range. When questioned about Russia's future, almost every answer (besides those from people who wanted to "skip this topic," even with anonymity) fell in the categories of, "I don't see any future at all," and "Life will not be better."