Former police chief guilty of receiving bribes through his Earth, Wind and Fire cover band

Former San Angelo, Texas police chief Tim Vasquez was found guilty of receiving a bribe and also mail fraud after a security company paid his Earth, Wind and Fire cover band—Funky Munky—four times their normal rate to play 10 shows at their company headquarters. Why would they do such a thing? Well, Dailey-Wells Communications was also the longtime provider of the police department's radio communications system thanks to Vasquez's influence, according to the case. From Lubbock Online:

"Tim Vasquez never disclosed these payment to anyone much less to the city council," [state prosecutor Sean] said.

Long said he expected city counselors to testify they would not have approved the contract had they known about Vasquez's relationship with the company.

The three counts of mail fraud relate to the checks the company mailed to Vasquez.

When Texas Rangers began looking into Vasquez's relationship with the company, Dailey-Wells put Funky Munky on retainer for about $50,000, Long said.

Defense attorney David Guinn told jurors the investigation into his client and his relationship with Dailey-Wells was blown out of proportion, saying the payments to Funky Munky were legitimate.