Save 84 percent off a smartwatch with a week-long battery life

It happens to us all basically every day: You're scrolling through your phone, working away on your laptop, or checking stats on your smartwatch… and it dies. (Always at the most inopportune time, too, right?) As a result, it feels like we're constantly at the whims of our chargers. That's what makes MetaTime such a refreshing change of pace.

MetaTime, a smartwatch from the creators of Chronowatch, has an incredibly long battery life — You can get a whole week's use through just one charge! (In contrast, Apple Watches only last about 18 hours before you need to charge them again.) Of course, MetaTime is meant for people who are always on the go, and that remarkable battery life certainly speaks to that.

Of course, it's not just about living (relatively) charger-free. This smartwatch lets you easily accept both messages and calls, play music, and view the lifestyle stats you need. You can get all the details of what's happening while you sleep, keep an eye on your steps taken, and sneak a peek at the other nuances underneath your skin, like your heart rate. Accessing that information can help you make healthier changes in your day-to-day routine. All that, and it tells the time.

But unlike your phone, a smartwatch is visibly displayed on your body, so let's face it, stylishness is almost as important as functionality. Luckily, MetaTime boasts a sleek design and comes in five gorgeous colors, so it fits with any ensemble. Plus, it has a soft and flexible wristband, so it's comfy to wear all day. 

Speaking of the design, one of the most excellent aspects of MetaTime is the display: The 1.69-inch IPS full-color touchscreen display delivers crisper visuals compared to competing models with TFT displays. As a result, you can enjoy more consistent colors and higher contrast, and it also has a quicker response time which, again, speaks to who this watch is for: someone who's constantly moving.

You can buy the MetaTime Smart Watch for just $31.99 or 84% off its usual price.

Prices subject to change.