This NatureID Plant Identification Subscription can help you garden like a pro

The past two years have brought us new hobbies we never thought we'd sink our teeth into. Some of us became bakers, others podcasters, and some people created truly innovative and useful technology for all ages.

For those of us who decided to take a greener path, our recent ventures have become a bit leafy. If you've become a master gardener since lockdown, step up your green game with a lifetime subscription to a NatureID Plant Identification Premium Plan.

Whether you have a green thumb or a big idea for a new garden scape, NatureID may be a valuable addition to your bag of tricks. Great for scoping out new flora and fauna, the AI-based digital tool has a lot of cool moving parts that can get any garden going. With the ability to identify over 14,000 plant species, you'll recognize when a weed enters your sacred space right away. Just a quick snap of a pic can identify any intruders for you to nip at the bud. On the other hand, the app can help you decide which plants work well with the ones you already keep in the garden. 

Novice planters may also benefit from this subscription. With a simple photo, NatureID can help you by sending recommendations on how to choose soil, water, and fertilize plants, as well as how to set the appropriate temperature conditions. You'll essentially have a full botanist in your back pocket.

Worried about committing planticide? It's not unreasonable; plants are unpredictable and oftentimes just pass away because they feel like it. Make it super hard for them to evade their duties as home decor using NatureID's Plant Doctor, which can identify plant diseases fast. Plus, the Plant Care Guide may help you keep them strong once they've been stabilized.

Lastly, if you lose track of all your plant parenting responsibilities, don't fret. The app's Plant Journal will remind you to give your babies a drink and set watering, misting, feeding, and rotating schedules, making it virtually impossible to kill anything in your garden (except for the aforementioned weeds, those suckers need to find the exit).

Get the NatureID Plant Identification Premium Plan: Lifetime Subscription for $19.99 (Reg. $59).

Prices subject to change.