Daniel Warren Johnson's new comic book "Do a Powerbomb!" looks awesome

In a short period, Daniel Warren Johnson has become one of the most exciting creators in comics. Johnson's pencils feel like the cornerstone of a new visual identity for American comics with his sketchy style that deftly fuses manga and Western comics. Not content to only be recognized for his titanic talents as an artist, Johnson also knows his way around the typewriter, as his ability as a writer indicates. In 2020, Johnson created what will assuredly go down as one of Diana's best adventures with Wonder Woman: Dead Earth. You can feel Johnson's love for the medium of comics after reading one page from any of his books. But in addition to comics, Johnson also loves professional wrestling. 

In the video above, Daniel Warren Johnson's YouTube channel promotes his new pro-wrestling comic: Do a Powerbomb. Although we don't know much about the plot, with the level of professionalism that Johnson brings to the page, it's sure to be a masterpiece.