Dyson headphones include air-cleaning vacuum mask

Dyson finds things to add vacuum cleaner motors to—fans, hand dryers, hairdryers—the way a kid with a hammer goes around looking for things to bash. The latest striking item is the Dyson Zone, a set of noise-canceling headphones with an integrated face mask that claims to clean the air you breathe.

Usability testing reveals that filters mounted in the earcups are the best place to ensure optimal product performance.

Trés cyberpunk! The answer to the question on your mind: they're not covid masks and won't stop virus-size particles, but they will filter out bacteria.

UPDATE: Naomi Wu describes this thing as a portable superspreader event and asks why people think it's a good idea to have fans blasting nearby air into people's faces given that the masks do nothing to filter Covid or other viruses: "The Dyson Snot Cannon is based on a pre-2020 understanding of public health."

See also the Razer Zephyr, cheaper and airtight, but also not headphones. Though Razer avoids making claims about covid, the numbers it posts on filtration efficiency match those for basic medical and workplace respirators.