Hilarious examples of brand names gone wrong aka brand blunder

Brand blunder occurs when there is an error with the branding of a product that often stems from a misunderstanding of the language, culture and customer attitudes in the market. Here are some examples of brand blunder that made me chuckle:

  1. This brand of frozen hamburgers from Argentina has an extremely appetizing name: Barfy. Who's hungry for a Barfy burger?
  1. Pschitt! Is the name of a French soda. You can choose between lemon flavored Pschitt and orange flavored Pschitt.
  1. Crapsy Fruit is the name of a French breakfast cereal. I wouldn't risk trying it before an important meeting.
  1. Kum-onit is the name of this German pencil sharpener, but I wouldn't recommend putting anything besides a pencil inside of it.